Best Shilajit Ever™ - Authentic, 100% Pure
Best Shilajit Ever™ - Authentic, 100% Pure
Best Shilajit Ever™ - Authentic, 100% Pure
Best Shilajit Ever™ - Authentic, 100% Pure
Best Shilajit Ever™ - Authentic, 100% Pure
Best Shilajit Ever™ - Authentic, 100% Pure
Best Shilajit Ever™ - Authentic, 100% Pure
Best Shilajit Ever™ - Authentic, 100% Pure

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Best Shilajit Ever™ - Authentic, 100% Pure

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About this item

  • 100% PURE GOLD LEVEL SHILAJIT - ALTAY MUMMIYO 100% pure Siberian Altai Gold Grade Shilajit resin directly sourced from Siberian Altai Mountains at an altitude of 14,000 feet. The Shilajit resin wild harvested at this altitude is the premium gold level which has higher content of nutrients and purer than other shilajit products. We are committed to offer the most cost-effective premium Shilajit product for our customers.
  • 85+ TRACE MINERALS WITH FULVIC ACID & HUMIC ACID - Providing over 85 types of trace minerals, vitamins, and macro-nutrients as well as being abundant in Fulvic Acid and Humic Acid which are ideal dietary supplements for men and women. Studies shown that these nutrients benefits for daily energy, the immune system and general wellness & hormone balance.
  • OVERALL WELLNESS BENEFITS - Shilajit is the world's best source of natural trace minerals and Fulvic Acid. Shilajit is known for avoid chronic fatigue, recovery after a training session, heart and blood circulation, endurance and more focus. Fulvic acid found in Shilajit is an antioxidant for cell regeneration and metabolism.
  • EASY TO USE & MAXIMUM POTENCY PROTECTION - We provide measuring spoons and control the Shilajit resin at a 15% moisture capacity to ensure each perfect serving dose. It will effectively make your pure Shilajit resin without drying out. Packaged in security-sealed dark glass jars, which offer maximum protection away from light effect, so that prolong the potency of your Shilajit resin.
  • TRADITIONAL PURIFICATION PROCESS - ALTAY MUMMIYO Shilajit is purified at low temperatures using only spring water. That will retain the original minerals and nutritional value of Shilajit to the greatest extent. What you get from us is 100% Pure & Authentic Premium Shilajit resin.

ALTAY MUMMIYO Pure Shilajit Resin

Many people experience fatigue, anxiety, frequent colds and aches and hormone imbalance. Our bodies endure much stress and unhealthy lifestyle. These will weaken our body's immune system and cause all kinds of health issues.

However, a natural way to boost your body has its roots in a tapestry of holistic and traditional history.

If you have not heard of Shilajit, it is time to know more about this powerful substance with thousands of years of Ayurvedic tradition behind it.

Shilajit is rich in Fulvic Acid & Humic Acid and has more than 85 types of trace minerals, which is why the body can absorb them quickly. They will also transport to the specific areas where the body needs them so that the cells can grow and maintain their health.

The primary form of all Shilajit after extraction is liquid. Making it solid requires additional processes through drying. Therefore, the soft resin form of Shilajit that we pack fresh after the extraction is the freshest Shilajit which preserves most of its original properties.


100% Pure, Directly From Siberian

Siberian Altai Mountain Shilajit was formed over centuries by the gradual decomposition of plants and micro-organisms due to biological and geological processes.

We make sure we source out Shilajit directly sourced from the pristine Altai mountains. Some of the best Altai Shilajit is collected in Siberia where large portions of the mountain range on this site have been untouched by man.

ALTAY MUMMIYO Shilajit resin wild-harvested from Siberian Altai Mountains at an altitude of 14,000 feet, which make it a golden level potent.

Why We Need Shilajit ?

Why We Need Shilajit ?

Shilajit contains practically all the elements (including fulvic acid / humic acid & trace minerals) from the periodic table. It is empowered by antioxidants & rejuvenating properties.

Unlike an ordinary mineral supplement, Shilajit supplies you with additional nutrients, the fulvic acid component of Shilajit improves mineral absorption and gives you a overall well-being.

  • High absorption and digestion
  • Wound healing and restore skin vitality
  • Metabolism and energy recovery
  • Reduce fatigue and weakness
  • Immune system
  • Antioxidant